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Buying loose solid opals as an investment might be a very clever and profitable idea.  High quality Australian black opal can fetch a higher per carat price than a good, clear diamond.  Their rarity and the fact that Australian mining fields are slowly running down is a very good indicator of higher opal prices in the incoming years.

It may be that an investment is the last thing on your mind.  You might just be a gemstone (or specifically opal) enthusiast and collector.  Or it may be that you just have that perfect jewelry design in your mind and you already know a trusted custom jeweler but a perfect loose opal is the only missing link. (Keep in mind that some of the below listed online stores have their own custom jewelry departments). 

Whatever your reasons for purchasing loose opals are you are certainly at the right place.  Below is a display of some stunning loose opals.  You will find much bigger choice by browsing through the listed stores.
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Loose Opals

Ring Size Green Opal.
Great looking solid green opal. 1.2ct.

Beautifully Colored Oval Doublet.
It would make a lovely ring. AU$150
1.2ct Solid Green Opal
Multi Color Opal Doublet
Green and Grey Solid Opal.
Dark grey base. 2.95ct. Ring stone but big enough for a pendant. AU$300
2.95ct Green, Grey Solid Opal
2.5ct Solid Black Opal.
10.5x8.5mm in size. Best for a ring or a
small pendant. AU$100
2.5ct Solid Black Opal
Oblong Dark Blue Opal.
2.5ct unusual oblong shaped solid opal.
Great for a ring or a pendant.AU$100
Oblong Dark Blue Opal
Parcel of 8 Solid Crystal opals
20.2ct Andamooka Crystal Opal
1.3ct Lightning Ridge Black Opal
Heart Shaped Crystal Opal
Twoo Solid Black Opals
3 Australian Crystal Opals
Large, Solid Lightning Ridge Opal
Parcel of 3 Australian Black Opals
Black, Pink & Yellow Solid Opal
1.05ct Solid Free Form Opal
4.3ct of Crystal Opals
Multi Color Black Opal
Green & Yellow Solid Opal
68ct Australian Crystal Opal
Parcel of 18 Australian Crystal Opals
3.6ct Freeform Opal
13 Solid Dark Crystal Opals
Dark Crystal Opal
3.05ct Free Form Black Opal
Colorful Opal Doublet
1.3ct Lightning Ridge Black Opal
Crystal Rough Opal
Solid, Dark Blue Opal
2 Andamooka Crystal Opals
Huge 20.8ct Black Opal
Parcel of 9 Lightning Ridge Black Opals
Large, Solid Crystal Opal
Round Green & Yellow Solid Loose Opal
1.5ct Australian Crystal Opal
3.9ct Dark, Solid Black Opal
Colorful Oval Opal Doublet.
Beautiful red, blue and green doublet. Perfect for a ring or a pendant. AU$120
Blue-Green Solid Crystal Opal.
Flashy blue-green opal that captures the Sun. Excellent ring size. AU$145
3.9ct Dark Oval Solid Black Opal.
Classy blue-green black opal. Suits a ring or a pendant. AU$400
Small, 1.1ct Solid Black Opal.
Blue and green oval opal perfect for a ring. AU$130
Ring Size Solid Opal.
Round green and yellow .9ct grey opal. AU$75
Solid Freeform Opal.
1.05ct triangular solid black opal. Great for a pendant or a ring. AU$60
2.5ct Solid Pendant Size Opal.
Black, pink and yellow solid black opal. AU$120
3.05ct Australian Black Opal.
Freeform, blue and black solid opal. Nice size for a pendant. AU$120
Green and Yellow Solid Opal.
Beautiful oval, 3.45ct solid black opal. Perfect for a pendant. AU$300
Large, Solid Lightning Ridge Opal.
Blue, green and purple solid opal. Hard to find. Fantastic for a pendant. AU$1500
3.6ct Solid Freeform Opal.
A great pendant stone. 18.75x9.5x3mm. AU$150
Solid Dark Blue Opal.
Freeform, 5.6ct solid opal with a rich blue coloring. Great for a pendant. AU$350
Large, Solid Crystal Opal.
7.8ct oval green grey solid opal. Pendant size. AU$125
Lightning Ridge Black Opal.
1.3ct red, gold, blue and green solid black opal. AU$837
Solid, Green-Blue Crystal Opal.
7ct transparent, heart shaped Coober Pedy crystal opal. AU$900
20.2ct Andamooka Crystal Opal.
Huge, freeform, red, purple, green, orange, blue and gold soild crystal opal. Stunning. AU$7563
2 Solid Black Opals.
Black opals from Mintabie, Australia. 11.8ct total. Spotless. AU$7563
Australian Crystal Opal Parcel.
18 solid blue-green Andamooka crystal opals. 47.7ct in total. AU$1643
Black/Dark Crystal Opal Parcel.
Lightning Ridge solid opals. 8 stones totalling 4.15ct. AU$359
Australian Crystal Opals.
Parcel of three crystal opals from Mintabie, Australia. 6.3ct all together. AU$731
Australian Black Opals.
Parcel of three Lightning Ridge black opals totalling 6.9ct. AU$675
Crystal Opals.
Parcel of four green-blue solid crystal opals from Mintabie, Australia. 4.3ct total. AU$330
Dark Crystal Opals.
Parcel of 13 solid, dark crystal opals from Lightning Ridge, Australia. 5.6ct in total. AU$404
Multi Color Black Opal.
Solid Australian black opal from Mintabie area. Teardrop shape, 5.1ct. AU$680
Huge, 68ct Australian Crystal Opal.
Spectacular red, purple and many other colors solid crystal opal. Great investment gemstone. AU$35,905
1.3ct Lightning Ridge Black Opal.
Multi colored opal with a rolling flash. Teardrop shape. AU$714
Dark Crystal opal.
7.5ct Lightning Ridge solid dark crystal opal. AU$1643
Crystal Rough Opal.
Parcel of large Australian rough opal stones. 204g total weight. AU$16,173
Andamooka Crystal Opals.
Two oval, green-orange solid Australian crystal opals totalling 8ct. AU$1428
Solid Black Opals.
Parcel of nine green-blue Lightning Ridge solid black opals. 4.7ct total. AU$1450
Impressive 20.8ct Black Opal.
Green, blue-orange Lightning Ridge solid black opal. Freeform shape. AU$13,000
Oval Australian Crystal Opal.
1.5ct green-orange crystal opal from Mintabie area. AU$129
Australian Boulder Doublet Opal
1.7ct Australian Boulder Doublet Opal.
Bright colors. Freeform (10.5x7mm) doublet opal from Coober Pedy mines. AU$240
Set of 7 Australian Opal Doublets
4.4ctw Set of Australian Opal Doublets.
7 freeform, flat top, opal doublets from Coober Pedy. AU$201

Opal Auctions

Solid Oval Loose Black Opal
Solid Loose Black Opal.
Blue/green Lightning Ridge solid black opal (9.2x8.3mm). AU$330
4 Solid Boulder Opals
Parcel of Four Solid Boulder Opals.
A total of 36.5ct of solid boulder opals comprising 4 stones. AU$2700
Solid Loose Crystal Opal
Pear Shaped Solid Crystal Opal.
Pear shaped crystal opal (15x10mm) suitable for pendant. AU$211
Loose Australian Black Opal
Solid Australian Black Opal.
Multi-color, Lightning Ridge black opal (8x5.5mm). AU$400
Lightning Ridge Black Opal
2.35ct Solid Black Opal.
Multi-color, Lightning Ridge black opal (12.5.9mm). Great for a ring or pendant. AU$1050
Pear Shaped Loose Crystal Opal
Pear Shape Loose Crystal Opal.
Brilliant pink, orange and red colors. 3.30ct solid crystal opal. AU$343
5.3ct Lightning Ridge Black Opal
5.3ct Solid Black Opal.
Stunning black opal from Lightning Ridge region. (14x11.5mm). Perfect for a ring or a pendant. AU$5400
5.36ct Solid Crystal Opal
5.36ct Loose Crystal Opal.
Solid crystal opal (21x14mm) cut into a tear drop shape. Suitable for a pendant. AU$343
5.0ct Freeform Solid Opal
5ct Solid Freeform Opal.
Freeform opal with deep pattern and color (14x12mm). Free shipping worldwide. AU$755
Two Solid Crystal Opals
2 Loose Crystal Opals.
A pair of lovely crystal opals (3.1ctw) from Mintable region. AU$346
Multi Color Australian Opal Doublet
Australian Opal Doublet.
1.9ct multi-color Australian opal doublet (12x9mm). AU$250